We’re Home!

A 12-week hiatus away from media. Wow, almost unbelievable. We spent most of the time in Chesapeake, VA, caring for an ailing family member. Have never seen so much traffic and was struck by how much development has taken place in the 12 years since we were last in that area. Must say, I prefer the slower life pace of the Western Plains area. Amenities such as a veritable smorgasbord of shopping opportunities were definitely nice, but that positive attribute was greatly weighed down by the frantic pace of everything. We got to visit numerous family members and units and attended some nice community affairs, but it’s definitely NICE to be home! Our two Siamese kitties and six birds also agree. They all made the trip, some 5,500 miles, with us.


2 thoughts on “We’re Home!

    • Thank-you so much! I thought of you often while we were in Chesapeake. Wondered how you managed with the dense population, traffic and noise for so long. Must be MUCH more restful where you are now. How are your chickies doing?

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