How to Help Zoo Animals in Ukraine Zoo

The Earth Organization is asking for help to provide food for starving animals in the Nikolaev Zoo in Southern Ukraine.  Government funds for the zoo have dried up, as I reported in this blog on April 11.  That story was originally posted by Igor Purlantov.  The beleaguered zoo, in a country in turmoil, has about 8,000 animals, and they are in desperate need of help.  The Earth Organization is a non-profit which actually purchases the needed food and medicines or supplies for the recipients, instead of randomly sending money.  A reader of my blog kindly passed along this website address where you can make donations to The Earth Organization for those zoo animals:   I will always carry the memory of the terrible destiny of the zoo animals in Kuwait at the hands of an invading army.  Let us pray that these unwilling Ukraine animals will not suffer a like fate. 


2 thoughts on “How to Help Zoo Animals in Ukraine Zoo

  1. Just recently the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization was able to facilitate the delivery of 3.5 tons to the Lions in Crimea. That is only enough to last a few more days, and there are many other animals still in need. Government funding was cut, and they won’t benefit from ticket sales to tourists for another 4 – 6 weeks once the weather warms up. The chance for death from starvation during that time is immanent if something isn’t done. Tax deductible (In the Us. Check with your local laws to confirm is your area.) donations can be made here:
    Even a few dollars would help! Please share this link and information with anyone you think may be interested!

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