The People Speak Out!

The People Speak Out!

NO! to the Keystone XL pipeline. On April 22, 2014, a large group of farmers, ranchers and tribal community members will arrive on horseback in Washington, D.C. That group, called the Cowboy Indian Alliance, will be bringing a message to President Obama to reject the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. Their message is called “Reject and Protect.” They are concerned about the impact that pipeline would have on sensitive waterways if there is a pipeline break, such as happened in Arkansas and several other states last year. They are also concerned that the transmission of the toxic tar sands oil, destined for southern refineries and shipment to foreign markets, will have a significant negative impact on our national economy, our land and the well-being of future generations. More information about this unusual Alliance, their message, and their concerns can be found at It takes such alliances, with people speaking out about their well-founded concerns, to make a difference! This group will be joined by thousands of other individuals during the week April 22-April 27 to bring the message: “Stand for our people, for our water, for our climate, for our lands!”


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