Trashy Subject

For many years, my husband and I sailed blue waters, ranging from the U.S. to Europe and back, through the Bahamas, out to Bermuda, down to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, along the East Coast from Maine to Florida, and through the Panama Canal from California. In all those waters we saw evidence of pollution, most often in the form of trash. We’ve seen the results of what that floating trash, or garbage, can do, in the form of tangled, and sometimes dead, wildlife. We personally subscribed to the philosophy of the Seven Seas Cruising Association, of which we were members: “Leave a Clean Wake.” That applied to not just our sailing days, but to our life in general! At sea, and in inland waters, plastic objects can float for years and thousands of miles and impact fish, mammals, and birds of all sizes. This video brings home that fact, in gut-wrenching fashion. Think before you throw!


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