People build their homes where the animals have always lived, leave food sources unprotected, tempting the animals in, and then complain when the animals come. My good heavens above! Humans are sometimes incredibly stupid, arrogant and hateful creatures – unlike the wild ones they destroy.

Walking with the Alligators

A Florida Black Bear Cub
Picture credit:  FWC

Today with heavy and trouble heart,  I am imploring you to do something for an animal that you do not know.

This week has been nearly impossible to get through for those of us who live in Central Florida.

As of this writing,  SEVEN Black Bears have been killed here in the greater Orlando area.

What is  mind-boggling is this, FWC  say that they have no way to know if any of them is the one who hurt the woman, as DNA tests take time to get back.

Their  second explanation, or reason for continuing the killings, is that the Bears are showing  “no fear of humans.”

Let’s see, Bears comes into a neighborhood, bordering right up to where they live and these kind humans leave it something to eat and enjoy the sight.

Bear thinks, Human good!

Result, no fear!

If you remember,  the last time,  a woman taking out her trash with her dog was bitten…

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