Possum Posse

Possum Posse

Yes, that’s a passel of possums. Baby possums, that is. Yes, they have a lot of teeth, and they’ll readily show them off. They also have those naked tails, those beady little eyes and rat-like body shape. BUT – they’re gentle if you don’t provoke them. Also on the plus side of the animal equation, they’re resistant to nearly all diseases. They rarely contract rabies, they don’t get distemper, and they are virtually immune to poisonous snake bites. They are simply amazing animals if you can get past their appearance. Then, too, they are incredible benefactors, cleaning up dead things and eating rotten fruit. Possums will eat rats, roaches, snails, and slugs as well as any kind of bug or garbage they come across in their slow-moving travels. Please treat them well. We need them! And…they’re kind of cute in a weird sort of way, don’t you think?


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