Boundary Waters Region Under Threat

Boundary Waters Region Under Threat

This lovely region, spanning the U.S., Canadian border, encompassing areas in Minnesota and Ontario, is coming under increasing pressure from big money interests to expand sulfide ore mining. One million acres of forest and thousands of miles of water routes in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness are being threatened. Survey teams have already established sites within the area, in preparation for mining to begin. Sulfide ore mining is definitely not an environmentally friendly process.

Billions of dollars have been spent by foreign interests to influence legislators in order to be allowed to set up their dirty shop in this pristine wilderness region. They need to be stopped! It seems as if big money has the power to exploit and take away what should be considered a treasure belonging to everyone – untouched wilderness. The damage done by these operations will cause irreparable harm to our greatest gift, our home.


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