Thousands Of Ukraine’s Zoo Animals May Soon Starve

Let’s put aside the political posturing and do the right thing. Does anyone remember what happened to all the zoo animals in Kuwait when Hussein’s army invaded? Please save these innocent incarcerated animals who can’t help themselves!

Igor Purlantov

As political unrest continues to threaten the peace in Ukraine, thousands of animals at one of the country’s zoos are at the brink of starvation, an international conservation group announced this week.  The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization, a nonprofit headquartered in South Africa, told The Huffington Post there has been a severe scarcity of food and medical supplies for the estimated 5,700 animals at the 104-year-old Nikolaev Zoo, located in southern Ukraine, since government funding for the zoo dried up a few weeks ago.  “The fact is, they were just two days away from totally running out of food for the carnivores when we found out about this and began providing meat,” the organization’s international president, Barbara Wiseman, told HuffPost via email. “The rest of the animals were just two weeks away from running out of food.”

-Igor Purlantov

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2 thoughts on “Thousands Of Ukraine’s Zoo Animals May Soon Starve


    The Earth Organization is a non profit (verify on the IRS website for eligibility here: ) that actually purchases the needed food and medicine or supplies for the recipients, instead of randomly sending someone money. Honestly, I’d do it the same way. That way the organization knows where the funds are actually going.

    The Earth Organization’s social media press kit can be found here:

    Most importantly though, the donation page to help fund the project for the Ukraine animals can be found here:

    • Tracey, I tried to access the websites you provided and cannot access any of them. Did you copy them correctly???? I really wanted to post this information so people could help by donating to the Earth Organization.

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