Joyful Rays!

Joyful Rays!

This picture, from Ocean Defender of Hawaii, shows a group of Manta Rays joyfully leaping out of the ocean and literally flying through the air. I’ve not ever personally witnessed them doing this, but have spent plenty of time in the Caribbean watching their graceful moves through the water, even right up to the beach. They are remarkable creatures. Ocean Defender issued the following about Manta Rays: “Listen up Ocean Defenders. Put your ear to the ground, hear the depths of a certain truth. It has come to light very recently that a huge international market has developed for dried Manta Ray gill rackers to be used as medicine. Also, Manta Ray cartilage is now being used as a replacement for shark fins in shark fin soup.” from Check out their website for more information about this non-profit organization dedicated to education about, and conservation of, all creatures of the world’s oceans.


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