Teachers are Union Thugs?????

Teachers are Union Thugs?????

This picture, taken on Monday, 31 March, 2014, is of some of the Oklahoma State teachers who attended a rally at the state capitol. According to Parvati Kaur Covarrubias, a teacher from this area, who also attended the rally: “25,000 to 30,000 people attended the Rally For Education at the Oklahoma State Capitol yesterday. There ARE people in Oklahoma that value education and teachers even if the state’s political climate does not….Education is the base for everything….there was a LARGE group of parents and other supporters also attending the rally.” Some educators in this state have been called “union thugs” because they dared to stand up for the teachers union, especially in calls for more financial support for educational supplies and teacher’s salaries and benefits. Many, if not most, motivated teachers find it necessary to provide supplemental teaching supplies, and pay for those supplies out of their own pockets. What are the teaching (and learning) conditions in your local schools? Are you supportive of your neighborhood children’s teachers and mentors? How involved are you in your own children’s education? Do you see local teachers as union thugs?


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