Heinous BLM Roundup = Slaughter 4 #Mustangs

Bureau of Land Management???? Who’s going to round up the leaders of the BLM for a lesson in responsible stewardship not bought and paid for by the highest bidders?

Hippies for Horses

Wild Horses on the Range Wild Horses on the Range (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t possibly tell you how angry I am to read Protect Mustangs™ blog post (link below) tonight … BLM continues to waste their budget — they are trying to make sure they spend all their budget so that they can ask for more in 2015. BLM staff continues to lie through their rotten teeth!

Read the news article discussed in the Hippies for Horses March 27, 2014 blog post: Helicopter roundup gets attention of horse advocates | Greybull Standard

Shortly after I published it, I got a message from a Cloud Foundation representative who asked me to pull that post for a few days while The Cloud Foundation tried to find and purchase all the horses rounded up in Wyoming round-up. So I un-published it in hopes that the Cloud Foundation could find and purchase those horses before they went to…

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