Half of voters have no idea who the Koch brothers are — so here’s a quick and dirty primer

Hey – it’s true that these 2 brothers have done foul and dirty deeds. They’ve also done some good – mostly to promote their own agenda. They aren’t the only ones out there with self-serving wishes and the means to buy their way. There are many other shadowy big-money figures out there who are screwing with all of us and bankrupting the natural world. Exposure to the sunlight and public enlightment is not in their best interest – but it is in ours! Read, Think, Act!


A recent George Washington University battleground poll of 1,000 registered “likely” voters found just over half (52 percent) had never heard of sleazy oil tycoons Charles and David Koch (pronounced “Coke,” guys!). The good news is 1-in-4 voters knew enough to have an “unfavorable” view of the billionaire bros.

And Democrats in particular are wise to the Kochs’ dirty energy-loving 1 percentism, according to Politico:

Among self-identified liberal Democrats, only 43 percent had never heard of the Kochs — 9 points lower than the general public. And 45 percent had a negative opinion of the two brothers — 20 points higher than the general public.

Forty-three percent still sounds pretty high at Grist HQ, where we have a framed photo of the Kochs on our Wall of Shame next to Cruella de Vil and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. So here’s a quick rundown of their vital stats (check out this…

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