Here’s Looking at You!

Here's Looking at You!

Jaguars are the next big cats, along with Pumas, which will come under the watchful eyes and care of Susan Dieterich. Ms Dieterich was a co-founder and operator of the rehabilitation center and animal hospital at Frisco Creek, in Colorado. A previous blog, “Big Kitty,” told about her work there with Canada Lynx. I received a nice communication from Ms. Dieterich earlier today about that work: “I housed and fed and medically treated these amazing animals at my rehabilitation/hospital Frisco Creek. If you want to read more about this and the other Canada Lynx success, go to CDOW Lynx Recovery Susan Dieterich. The lynx shown in the photo (used in my blog) is okay. He had been sedated for a health-check exam and was being carried to a recovery cage to wake up. Released in the Spring, he and other lynx were released into Colorado wild lands to breed and raise young. The program has been officially ruled a successful reintroduction.” Susan Dieterich is now pursuing new “Big Kitty” adventures in wildlife conservation. She is the founding director of a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization called Primero Conservation. Find more about that effort at The focus of that organization in Ms. Dieterich’s words, “is to save a place for puma and jaguar, apex predators, via proactive management modes. Here’s looking to you, Ms. Dieterich, for your outstanding leadership in the field of wildlife conservation. We applaud your excellent work and efforts. (the jaguar picture used here is from:


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