Winged Bedlam

Winged Bedlam

This picture, taken in Sept., 2013, was on an Oklahoma waterway where we were canoeing. Pelicans are often seen on some waters in Oklahoma. That seemed strange to me, having come originally from the Delaware Bay, Chesapeake Bay area. That area is part of the major migratory flyway along the East Coast of the United States where such birds are common , especially in the more southerly states. I didn’t expect to see them out here in this drier prairie region. These American White Pelicans, along with Sandhill Cranes, however, are often seen during months when they are migrating across the area on their way to high-latitude waterways in the Spring and back to Gulf Coast regions in the Fall. The pelicans prefer the waters of the larger lakes of this State, and we are fortunate to live near the Great Salt Plains which they enjoy. We were more familiar with Brown Pelicans while living in Florida and sailing along the coastal regions from Florida to Delaware. We seldom encountered Sand Hill Cranes until coming out here, having only seen them a couple of times while in Florida. Those encounters took place mainly much farther South than our home near St. Augustine, and were very infrequent. The Sandhill Cranes enjoy munching on young wheat sprouts, and are often seen in mass numbers in wide fields of that crop that is so common here. For that reason they are not beloved by many of the local farmers. However, my husband and I love the vision of these winged beauties coming in for a visit.


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