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I had an earlier post (Mass Transit) about a mama possum that I rescued after it had been hit by a car. Taking it home, I found I was in for some unexpected experiences. This video shows in vivid detail how a mama possum provides taxi service for a big group of possum babies.


3 thoughts on “Opossum Taxi

    • Thank-you so much for your kindness. The short video was from Facebook, and was reposted there by another local wildlife rehab. person who loves animals. It’s a neat snapshot of what possum life must be like. Human mamas with one child in a baby sling are lovely to see, but this poor 4-footed mama is carrying many times that number. Oh, my aching back!

      • Awh, bless! Yes, she is truly the mama of all mamas, I’d say! And to see her look at the camera, perhaps a little scared, but all the babies hung on. I love this and appreciate your post!! Thank you!! Hugs, Cher xo

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