Comet Sailboat

This is exactly like the Comet-class sailboat that we purchased., down to the color we painted her. I named her “Sail and Bail”

Mud 'n Feathers

Comet Sailboat

Little did I know while I was wandering around my grandparent’s farm on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River that a boy was growing up on the Delaware side who would become my husband. He loved the river too, and together we would own a little 16′ Comet class sailboat as our first sail vessel. The one we owned, constructed of cedar on oak, had been built in the late 1930s. The Comet is a Herreshoff design, and a wonderful little boat, mostly used by racing clubs. It is easy to rig and a delight to sail. As our family increased in size, though, ours became too small and we traded up. More on that later.
While we were still children, though, shipyards upriver from our respective homes were gearing up in earnest and ships destined for wartime use were being built in many such yards from Wilmington…

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