Be Prepared!

Be Prepared!

A cardinal arriving here, or to the yards of our Northern neighbors, would do well to prepare for the ever-changing conditions. It’s been like riding a weather roller-coaster here, with freezing temps. and blizzard one day, followed by 70-degree weather two days later. There’s no such thing for us humans as putting away Winter clothing and getting out the Spring apparel. The ever-shanging conditions require access to all types of clothing and accessories. The birds which arrived early to pick out nesting spots have, instead, had to seek out places of refuge from the bitter cold. Now, with somewhat warmer weather, come roof damaging, tree-rending, wing-wringing winds, blowing 35, 40, 50 MPH and more. Mother Nature seems to be throwing everything at us this year, so, just be prepared! image courtesy of http://oak.ctx.lylr


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