How much BPA is in the cans the USDA provides?

So informative – scroll down and check out all the links, especially the prayer given at the Carlisle Indian School in PA

Shechaim's News of the Day

Diabetes is rampant on reservations.

Vitamin C would be a tremendous help.

Native American Nations (Reservations), a testing ground for companies like Monsanto and Bayer.

A List of Food That Hide GMOs

Thanks to the US government, Native Americans have gone from hunting buffalo and being self-sufficient to being wards of a corporate state feeding them commodities that knowledgeable people are now avoiding with all in their power.

Most people saw huge tumors in rats forced to eat GMOs as a solid warning for human beings.

But that is the food given to Native Americans.


“USDA approved canned fruits, vegetables, juices, canned and frozen meats, cheese, canned and dried milk, cereals, flour, cornmeal, oil and syrup are distributed monthly according to household size.

Along with these packaged items, a choice of different types of fresh produce is available such as apples, grapefruit, oranges, carrots, onions and potatoes.”



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