Pow Wow- If Only!

Pow Wow

This picture of two dancers was taken by my husband while we were attending a Kaw Indian Nation Pow Wow in Ponca City, Oklahoma in 2011. We had taken our two Oklahoma granddaughters over there for several days of camping, and they wanted to attend the pow-wow. It was a day and night full of dancing, drumming, excitement and education. The girls got to interact with Kaw Indians of all ages, from tiny babies to venerable grandparents. We all got to feast on some traditional Indian food, served by very polite tribe members, and spent several hours in the Standing Bear Museum on the grounds where the pow wow was held. A pow wow, by definition, is a meeting where discussion takes place. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the “discussion” over the fate of Ukraine and the Crimea could be settled in a like manner? Drums instead of tanks, gourds instead of guns, songs instead of sirens, dancers instead of diatribes, peaceful meals instead of forced feedings; how nice it would be, if only!


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