Lars and Ragnhild Jacobsson In The NGO , The Perfect World Foundation, Promised To Assasinate Me And Signed Their Mails To Me With Sieg Heil

How is this allowed to continue??? Death threats because you disagree with their (Unjustifiable) position. How loud does money speak, and why????

Ann Novek( Luure)--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

It started out in 2009 when a small NGO in Sweden, that called themselves Animal’s Hope, proclaimed on their website that they were the biggest human and animal organisation in the World.

As myself worked for one of the biggest NGOs in the World, Greenpeace, I openly asked them why they duped and lied.

This resulted in death threats against me from Lars and Ragnhild Jacobsson, now in the NGO, the Perfect World Foundation. They were supported by Catarina Krång, Djurens Rätt / Svenska Djurskyddsföreningen , that was a board member in their NGO. They posted a lot of smear in BirdLife Swedens forum to me and said my photos were extremely bad etc. Fortunately the Swedish ornithologists asked them to fu***k off!

Ragnhild Jacobsson called my father and said that something very terrible will happen to your daughter. They signed e-mails to me with Sieg Heil.They said they should kill…

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