No, I’m not inebriated, not a lush, not drunk, not following a rhumb line. I’m just deviating from the customary today, being rummy as it were. With the whole world seemingly going to H-E-doublehockysticks in a handbasket on rollerskates, I’ve resolved to find some happiness in the world. Reading the posts of my favorite WordPress bloggers helps with that. There are also some more serious posts that I have to save for another time, but let’s look for “happy” today. That “happy” for me has today come from many sources. News came online this morning that several dogs whose time at animal shelters was about to end in euthanasia were adopted after I (along with many others) helped share their pictures and stories online. Hooray! A local boy is reported to have unselfishly undertaken a money-making project to help a classmate who has medical issues and high expenses, while asking no recognition for himself. Blessed are those who give of themselves! This young man’s example is worthy of note. He’s making a difference in his corner of the world. The gathering of birds at our back-yard feeder has increased dramatically during the last few days of inclement weather (near-zero temps., snow, sleet, ice and 40-MPH winds) and they all found sufficient food and water to survive. A really early robin immigrant made it through the storms too. With no convenient supply of mealy-worms, we put out raisins just for him, and he seemed to delight in their energy-giving supply. We’re happy to once more find a few cardinals and woodpeckers in the group. They’ve been absent for a long time because of the ongoing drought. My husband is once more planning a paddling trip, with real aspirations of getting out there again and wetting the keels of his little canoe “navy.” He says half the fun of any trip is the planning stage. The days are getting noticeably longer. Hopefully the higher temperatures predicted for today will melt enough snow so we can once more do our daily one-mile roundtrip walk to the post office. There should be seed and garden supply catalogs waiting there in our box. Those always bring pleasure as we peruse their colorful pages and make plans for the coming year in our garden. Phone calls from our busy children, with a few “Hi’s” from our grandchildren, have started this day out right. Maybe that trend will continue, and we can continue to find some measure of happiness in an increasingly wacky world. May this day bring you also, dear reader, a goodly measure of pleasure and happiness. Cheers!
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