He’s My Husband, But We Can’t Be “Friends”

My husband maintains a blog which he has had for several years, which has over 87,000 views as of this morning. It is mostly dedicated to a nautical theme, with some great photographic digressions into wildlife and rural photography. His blog, found at, fairly leapt off the launch pad by virtue of the many friends we’ve made after so many years spent at sea in sailboats and on inland waters in canoes. I, on the other hand, wanted to pursue some of my own personal interests of reading, sewing, writing, animal husbandry and aviculture. From our somewhat isolated location I wanted to reach out to others with some of those same interests. Setting up a personal facebook page and a blog of my own seemed a logical way of “meeting” friends and sharing experiences on a daily basis. That seemed simple enough until we tried to make the mechanics of using one “net” provider and one computer work for two individuals. That was finally accomplished after many telephone and email communications back and forth with our internet provider. Good Grief Charlie Brown!!! Now, we each have our own facebook page, with our own friends, and our own blogs. Great! The only problem lies in the fact that we, my husband of 50 years and myself, cannot be online “friends.” We can’t directly share online info or pictures or anything else. We simply can’t be “friends.” What a wacky online world! :>)


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