Oh, YES!

Oh, YES!

The lovely carillon tower shown is located in Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania. It is where a young romantically inclined man asked me to marry him. We had met at the DuPont Experimental Station near Wilmington, Delaware when we both applied for jobs there on the same day. Talk about fate! It was required at that time that all new station employees undergo a two-week safety and procedure training class. We were constantly paired off by a twinkle-eyed, match-making instructor who used to send the two of us off across the spacious grounds of the station together on inane tasks. He told us later that he thought we were meant to be together. Who knew???
Now, some 51-years later, it’s lovely to look back and wonder how he did know; we’re still together and happily married. Our daughter treated us to a day at Longwood Gardens, complete with a gourmet luncheon, on our 50th Wedding Anniversary last year, and it was a marvelous present. Needless to say, we made a nostalgic visit to the bell tower where we began our official life together. Since then, together, we’ve traveled many dusty and many, many, many watery miles, raised children, held many jobs and weathered many storms. Like the tower, we’ve crumbled a bit in places, but the foundation remains strong and, like the bells in the tower, we’re still singing.


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