Don’t Be Taken Down By a Bug

Don't Be Taken Down By a Bug

Spring will bring about warmer weather and the chance for everyone to think about gardening and other close-to-nature activities. Exposure to many types of insects will be inevitable. Such exposure can prove to be problematic. The adjacent picture shows several ticks on a human finger, and illustrates how small those particular nasty little bugs are. Despite their small size, though, they can inflict life-changing damage and even be an instrument of death. We have all heard, I’m sure, that tick bites can be dangerous and we should all take measures to prevent ticks from having the chance to get a mouth-full of our anatomy and the bloody well-spring of our life. With Spring , yes dear reader, Spring just around the corner, (HONESTLY, IT IS COMING), it seems like a good time to reiterate the dangers posed by insect bites. For today, we’ll concentrate on tick bites. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, Tularemia, Ehrlichiiosis, Colorado Tick Fever and Babesiosis are some of the diseases one might contract after being bitten by a tick or ticks. To determine the dangers and problems associated with any or all of those diseases, I suggest one just check out any good online source of information. Warning: prepare for a bit of shock. Last summer, while canoeing the St. Croix River between Wisconsin and Minnesota, my husband became host to an uninvited tick “guest” which proceeded to bite in a spot which couldn’t be seen by himself. A rash developed after he dispatched the unwanted, fully gorged insect, and he didn’t get back to civilization for two more days. When flu-like symptoms rapidly occurred, as the rash was subsiding, our doctor was quick to start him on a regimen of strong antibiotics. That was most likely the end of the problem. We heard from other paddlers, posting online accounts, of serious health issues they were facing because they had not taken proper preventive steps after being bitten by ticks. Little bugs, little bites, BIG trouble! Other insects can also cause distress, too. Check out KayakaroundFlorida on WordPress for a near calamity caused by what is thought to have been a spider bite. Don’t be taken down by a bug.


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