Insane World – My BAAAAAA for the Day

Insane World - My BAAAAAA for the Day

The world seems totally insane today: (1) The CEO of Exxon, who lives in Texas has filed a lawsuit to stop a fracking tower from being built adjacent to his five-million-dollar horsefarm, claiming the site would inconvenience him, causing excessive dirt, noise and pollution from bird feces. It’s good enough in his opinion for thousands of other sites throughout many states, where groundwater is routinely poisoned, but not good enough when adjacent to his hundreds of acres! (2) TV newscasters this morning literally applauded the retail saviness of a Girl Scout who set up a cookie sale table outside a marijuana shop. Why is a vulnerable young girl being allowed to sell anything outside a drug dispensing venue, even if the drug has been “legalized,” and why are supposedly responsible reporters applauding the story? What were this child’s parents and Scout leader thinking? (3) A nine-year old Missouri girl was snatched off the street by a murderous predator in daylight, in plain sight of witnesses two days ago. The police quickly caught the perpetrator of that horrific crime, but the little girl was already dead. The person charged with that crime is a repeat sex offender. Why was he roaming freely on what should have been a safe street? (4)Citizens in Ukraine and Venezuela are being gassed and gunned down by their own governments because they dared to protest against governmental dictates. Reports and images are having to be smuggled out of Venezuela because the government there has shut down public access to all media. Why does the world just stand by and not cry out in horror against such crimes against humanity? (5) Huge container ships are leaving port and sailing all the world’s waters in overloaded conditions , some with containers not safely fastened down, some carrying containers with falsified shipping weights, and sometimes exceeding their maximum permissible “bending moments,” which measure the external stress on a vessel. About 520 huge containers were lost in the Bay of Biscay several days ago off the Svendborg Maersk, and the shipping line allegedly failed to disclose the full extent of the loss when it occurred. There is no requirement on shipping lines to report container losses to the International Maritime Organization or other international body. Shipping analysts say some shippers frequently understate the weight of their containers to reduce freight charges. (6) The Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan continues spewing radioactivity into the air and groundwater and into the Pacific Ocean. Who is maintaining the standards for safety at nuclear sites found in every state in this country? An elderly Catholic nun was sentenced to more than 30 years in prison this week for penetrating the grounds of a nuclear site in Tennessee and putting up an inocuous sign. She caused no damage or harm, except for the embarrasment to the officials responsible for guarding that site, but will pay dearly for her audacity. If an elderly cleric can break into (she cut a hole in a fence) what should be a well-guarded site, who’s going to protect that site if anyone with really evil intent decides to attack it? (7) It was reported today that two schools in Oklahoma, in which precious children lost their lives in a tornado last year, had been constructed improperly and were called “death traps” by investigative engineers. Where were honor-bound engineers and contractors when those schools were being designed and built? What kind of person values money more than the life of a child or a whole school-full of innocent youngsters? These reports from today are all set amidst a constant barrage of recent stories about pipeline failures, oil and gas well blow-outs, train wrecks involving toxic chemical spills, and human depredations on endangered animal populations and virgin forest lands. Maybe, like the goat in the accompanying image, I should grab a life-preserver and just drift away. Oh, wait, I’d have to watch out for all those heavy overboard containers and predators lurking just under the surface. UMMM – do you think my cell phone, navigation gear and I-Pad might be shut down by a governmental agency if I should dare to question their actions? What about those huge barges discharging garbage and toxic wastes all around me, and the radioactive waters creeping across the ocean? Maybe I should just stay home and pray to a disappointed Creator that this island home, our earth, will somehow manage to stay afloat despite our abysmal failure at stewardship.


3 thoughts on “Insane World – My BAAAAAA for the Day

    • No one in their right mind, but most of us don’t have the chance to disagree nor do we have a choice when it comes to oil or gas company decisions to drill whereever they want. PA, OK, SD, ND, and MO are all being taken over by oil interests.

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