Sometimes I hate to admit being a member of the human race. The fate of a young giraffe at the Copenhagen Zoo is the latest event confirming my distrust of and fear for the designation homo sapiens. Because that young, vital, healthy animal came from a gene pool that was supposedly well represented at other zoos, Marius was shot-gunned to death and then fed to zoo lions. All this was done in full view of zoo-goers. (The picture shown is from David Boles’ wordpress blog – Thanks David! – which has a very thought provoking -post today). I couldn’t help but think when reading about Marius’ untimely and unseemly destruction about the condition of being human. What is the possibility and how soon might it be before each or any of us could become like Marius? Considered to be part of a gene pool already too well-represented, could we also be considered dispassionately dispatchable, dispensable and disposable? It isn’t as though that unfortunate giraffe and those lions were out on the veldt in Africa, running wild. They were under the supposed “care” of humankind. Was there more thought and care given to the “bottom-line” than to the existence and well-being of all the creatures involved in this incident? What if we become obstacles to that same bottom-line mentality? Think about it.


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