Siamese Feline Musings

Siamese Feline Solace

Tuck in your toes and tail, kitty sister, our humans are on the move! See how they run, dashing madly down the hallway, rejoicing, to the computer room. For two days they’ve had no social networking capability. The “net”, whatever that is, has been on the fritz. How nice it’s been for us! For two days our humans belonged to us, only to us. Lots of lap snugglings, ear rubbings, back scratchings and soft brushings have been ours. No more! The danged computer is back “up” and running and they’re ignoring us and bargaining with each other for time at the keyboard and screen. We’re once more relegated to sharing their time and attention with a mere machine. “Sniff,” how repugnant! How can we get back to the good times? Hummmm- wonder what would happen if we should just happen to chew a bit on that little “mouse” wire? (The picture is of my kitty, Abby, who resides along with her sister, Piper, with my husband and me).


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