Out of the Mouths of Babes!

Out of the Mouths of Babes!

As my two granddaughters were eating breakfast at the kitchen bar this morning, happily anticipating the coming school day, a report came on the news that really caught their attention. The story was about a school in another state where school children standing in a lunch line, trays in hand, had their food forcibly removed from their trays and thrown in the garbage can. “Bullys?”, my granddaughters responded. No, the report went on to say. It wasn’t bullys, at least in our normal understanding of that word. It was members of the school staff who were responsible for taking away the children’s lunches. The amount paid in for lunch funds for the “offending” children was in arrears, therefore the lunches they had chosen that day weren’t paid for. Instead of contacting the financially responsible caretakers, the school staff took it upon themselves to take away the kid’s lunches, right off their trays as they were standing in line with all their classmates, and throw away the food. Never mind that it was a terrible waste of food – what about the impact on all those children. What about those children directly involved who probably, as my granddaughters quickly observed, were terribly embarrassed by such public exposure, and showed dismay at the loss of their lunches? And, don’t overlook the emotional impact on the attendant observing children who were helpless to act in any way but left to simply stand by and mutely witness the demeaning actions of the school staff. Our own two young students said they are very glad they don’t attend the particular school where that event took place. They were made acutely aware that not having enough money to buy lunch could be a very distressful situation, and that some adults could be very hateful, even at school. Life’s lessons can sometimes be hurtful. Our younger OK granddaughter said she would have gladly shared her lunch.


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