Meet Half-way My Foot

Meet Half-way My Foot

No funny stuff here, and no attempt to meet half-way! This morning began with funny memories dancing through my mind and then the news came on. Frivolity went out my mind’s window. Fortunately that window was open, as I try to keep it, in order to maintain a sense of order in a world seemingly full of disorder and chaos. It has always been a point of honor for me to try meeting people and new concepts and ideas half-way. However, I cannot meet at half-way, or possibly at any waypoint, the corporations or individuals responsible for such activities as: Exposing entire towns and cities to the realized possibilities of pipeline explosions; Total desecration of wild areas for individual gain while producing toxic wastes that grusomely affect everything and everyone within range; Decimating entire populations of “undesirable” wildlife elements in order to protect another population so that two-legged hunters might kill it. I refer to items noted in today’s news. Pictures were shown of huge, billowing flames from a pipeline explosion in Canada that is terribly impacting the population of a fairly good-sized town and might take days (or who knows how long) to rectify; It’s notable that the company which owns that pipeline has experienced numerous other such explosions, begging the questions: How safe are these pipelines anyway? How often are they inspected? How reliable are those inspections? Next reported in today’s news was an account, with accompanying pictures, provided by two canoeists traversing watery regions of Western Canada. That entire region is being horribly impacted by the tar-sands oil-production process. Pictures worth more than a thousand words of attendant toxic pools of sludge and chemical-laced ingredients, surrounded by miles of dead and dying wilderness appalled me. Then, from an earlier newscast, was the story of an entire city in West Virginia having to look to distant sources for water because of a chemical spill that could have been easily averted if proper inspection and safety procedures had been in place. That spill now threatens the entire waterway down to a major Eastern bay. Lastly, and haunting me badly, was the story told by another wordpress blogger about the man-decreed death in Idaho of two packs of wolves in order that elk herd numbers could be kept high for human hunters. The decree went out, a professional “hunter” was hired, and he completed his grusome task much sooner than expected. It had been anticipated that he’d need months to complete his killings. No, it only took him a matter of a couple of weeks, and now – no more wolves in that National Park. Aided by airborne spotters, he has apparently killed them all. Now the numbers of elk will be possibly be high enough that other hunters might go for uncontested kills. I cannot, will not, absolutely refuse to, meet any of these people, whether as individuals or as corporate entities, half-way in these processes, nor will I accept their mealy-mouthed excuses. The next question then needs to be asked – where’s the public outrage? Who is meeting whom “half-way” and why? P.S. after reading this, my husband agreed with my position and remarked, “You probably shouldn’t plan to run for any public office.”


2 thoughts on “Meet Half-way My Foot

    • That’s for sure! Feel so helpless sometimes, and so without options to make changes for the better – won’t give up trying though, even if it’s only by stirring public consciousness through the written word. Thanks for your reply!!!!

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