It’s a No Skirt Day! OK Winter Day Musings

It's a No Skirt Day!  OK Winter Day Musings

A local “net” friend often characterizes the weather out here on the OK plains by calling it a no skirt day. Since she goes to work outside of the home every week-day, that’s an acutely necessary observation. After all, no lady wants to show up for office work wearing her skirt like a “hoody.” The officials responsible for maintaining our Oklahoma state roads have posted caution signs warning motorists of treacherous winds.
My husband has photographed such caution signs while we were making little road trips in the local area. We plan no road trip today, though, the wind is predicted to blow steadily at 40MPH. When the weather keeps me indoors, which is often in the Oklahoma winter-time, I spend a lot of time at my craft table, when not jostling my husband out of the way for room at the computer desk. We are a two-blog family, with only one computer! We try to work out a schedule whereby each of us gets online time, and after fifty years of marriage, we can usually manage to do that in a peaceful manner. His facebook blog is dedicated to a mostly nautical theme and he has literally thousands of contacts, with hundreds of them reading his postings on a daily basis. So – while he’s keeping up with all his friends, I often spend time reading library books or crafting little gift-enclosure cards which are sold through a local shop. They are very small cards, measuring about 3″ wide by 3&1/2″ high (although I use metric measurements when constructing them). They are each cut out by hand, hand painted, as illustrated in the picture, and have nicely decorated paper liners on which to put a suitable message. While Jim is responding to his many blog followers, I stay busy crafting at least one dozen of these little cards every day. He’s tackling themes as diverse as wind conditions, forests burning, and water levels and currents in areas ranging from local lakes to boundary waters touching Canada, and the offshore waters around the Florida peninsula. My chief concerns, when card-crafting, are about paper selection – proper color and texture, paint hues, size of the painted image, brush size, card theme – which ranges from Happy Birthday, Sympathy, New Baby, Wedding, etc. ad infinitum, and, of course, an infinite choice of complementary embellishments, lace, buttons, ribbons, glitter, etc.. So – let the wind blow, baby, we’ve got our inside work to keep us warm.


3 thoughts on “It’s a No Skirt Day! OK Winter Day Musings

  1. You’ve got it sorted! I’m hopeless at craft stuff 🙂 My husband works from home too, and fortunately I inherited an old laptop of my son’s. I think we might not have been speaking to each other otherwise.

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