Oklahoma Country Road , by James Neal

Oklahoma Country Road  , by James Neal

Jim took this photograph during a drive we made one quiet day. At the top of a rise behind where this was taken stands a small windswept cemetery. We wondered what would have encouraged anyone to remain in this place. There are no places of habitation visible for many miles in any direction. Where did those who now rest in that cemetery come from? What had brought them here? How did they eke out a living in this dry, dusty, lonely place? The cemetery is well-tended, with several family names represented. Someone out there still cares! On the day we were there, the only other moving objects on the scene were several hawks leisurely cruising the clear windy sky, a herd of Angus-mix cattle scrounging through the dry rustling grass, and oil wells pump, pump, pumping incessantly, filling dirt-encrusted and grease-stained tanks.


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