Baseball Cards – Out With the Trash

Baseball Cards - Out With the Trash

A very popular place in Pennsville for my siblings and myself was a little gas station that stood on the corner just across from the Methodist Church. It was always fun to go there and get a pack of 5-cent bubble gum which included colorful cards with pictures of baseball players. Those packs of gum were often paid for by turning in soda bottles that had been scrounged during the day along the roadside. A refund of 1-cent per bottle was the coveted prize, and was fiercely scrabbled for by each of us. Old rusty bicycles were peddled many a mile to obtain those discarded glass bottles. Over a period of several years my two brothers collected several large shoe-boxes full of those baseball cards. My sister and I would give them ours in exchange for having them do outside chores we didn’t appreciate doing – such as weeding the flower beds and hoeing the vegetable garden. Long after the boys grew up and left home the cards were all tossed out along with other childhood “junk.” Too bad! Those cards would be worth quite a bit to collectors today. C’est la vie!


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