Riverview Beach Park

Riverview Beach Park

Accompanying the sounds from the amusement park were the sounds and smells of traffic coming into town from the ferry terminal, and along Rt. 49. Often in the summer there would be cars lined up for miles waiting to cross the Delaware River on the ferry. On Friday nights and early on Saturday mornings, the long lines of traffic would mostly be going East, toward the ocean resort towns of Cape May, Wildwood, Avalon and Atlantic City. On Sunday nights the lines would be going in the reverse direction, back to homes on the other side of the river. There was often a man standing at the entrance to the ferry terminal, offering cold drinks for sale to automobile passengers caught up in the traffic jam. Those long lines of traffic made it very difficult to get across the highway if one wanted to go to the amusement park, the library, the little grocery store or to the drug-store/soda shop, as they were all situated on the river-side of the road. Riding our bicycles, my brothers, sister and I quickly learned how to weave and dodge through those sluggish lines of cars to get to the other side. It’s good that there was so much noise from the amusement park. It covered the occasional tirade of invective hurled our way by irate drivers.


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