This is Pickles, a Half-Moon conure, Aratinga aurea. Pickles is a lively, very talkative little bird. She is eight years old, and has been with us since the instant she hatched out of an egg which her parents had abandoned. She came to Oklahoma from Florida by automobile in an incubator, being hand-fed all the way. Along with her in the incubator was a little Green Cheek conure which had suffered the same rejection by his parental units. Pickles and Cricket, the Green Cheek, shared a cage for six years until one terrible day when Cricket took exception to Pickles company. He viciously attacked her, literally scalped her and was trying to kill her when my husband and I luckily arrived on the scene. I quickly retrieved her little limp body from the flight cage the two birds had been sharing, put her in a warm towel and held her for an hour. Then it was necessary to tend to the terrible wounds on her head. I feared for her survival, and stayed up with her most of that night, keeping her in a warm wrap. By the next morning she seemed to revive a bit, and even tried to eat some soft food. It was difficult to say anything nice to Cricket that day. He was given sole custody of the flight cage they had shared since “chickhood” and Pickles eventually got her own home and toys. Now, they live side-by-side, with a space between the cages, in seeming harmony. The Half Moon conures are the smallest of the Aratingas. They are found in the wild in lowlands and on the Pacific side of foothills and mountains of Western Mexico and Costa Rica. Their population numbers in the wild have decreased dramatically in recent years because of loss of habitat and pressures from the pet industry. The species is listed as vulnerable to critically threatened. This little bird with a big personality is a wonderful pet. Pickles is very responsive to human company, loves to eat fresh fruits and veggies, and talks up a storm. She also craves attention, and will call “Hi baby” until she gets a head rub – just not from Cricket! All of our birds get a good quality seed/pelleted feed mixture, as well as fresh food offerings and clean water each day. They are truly special and beautiful creatures.


2 thoughts on “Pickles

    • Thanks, she has regained some of the feathers on top of her head after she was scalped by “Cricket,” but I’ve always thought she is beautiful. Plus – she has a super personality! Thanks for following the blog!

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