Long Handled Pump – Prime, Pump, pump, pump, Splash

Long Handled Pump - Prime, Pump, pump, pump, Splash

A hand-dug well was situated just outside the kitchen door at my grandparent’s farm. All the water for use in the kitchen, for baths and for shaving came from that well, and it made for a lot of work. The long-handled pitcher pump had to first be primed with a bit of water, and the pump had to be worked steadily to get the water up to the top. Then the water had to be carried by the fucket-full into the house. Any foods that needed to be kept cool were carried down a ladder to near the bottom of the well. Spiders found the environment in the well very enticing! A small pitcher pump was used by many families living in rural areas. The big, heavy long-handled pump on my grandparent’s farm was placed on a raised wooden platform built over the well. Before coming to the farm in Salem County, New Jersey, my grandparents, uncles and aunt had always lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Georgia. There they had a “keeping” house built over a rushing mountain stream. The water in that stream stayed toe-numbing cold year-round and was perfect for cooling milk, butter, eggs, melons and other good foods that greatly benefited from the natural refrigeration.


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