Song for my country….

Song for my country....

This scene from my childhood brings back so many memories – a time when it seems that things were so much slower and less complicated. Now, I’m older, maybe a bit wiser, and a lot more cynical. In response to the frenetic pace of the world around me now, and the constant bombardment of immediate on-the-scene reporters determined to outdo each other in order to boost ratings I felt moved to rewrite a beloved song to my country.

My country tis of thee
Sweet land of hyperbole
Of thee I sing.
On crack and meth our kids get high
By TV light our families die
In lives of deadly mediocrity …
Let Wall Street ring!

My native country, thee
Land piled with garbage free
Thy pollution I abhor
I hate thy oily spills
Thy bare denuded hills
My lungs with monoxide fill
Every time I breathe.

Let music swell the breeze
A dirge for all the trees
And wildlife gone …
As lemming-like mortals drive
Hood-to-tailpipe see them hie
Along the asphalt trails
That have hid our fields.

Our father’s God, to Thee,
Author of Liberty
To Thee we sing:
Long may our land be bright
With freedom’s holy light,
But – protect us FROM our might,
Great God, our King.


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