History Treasured in Fairview, OK

History Treasured in Fairview, OK

I just finished reading a post by Word Press contributor Audrey Kletscher Helbling, Minnesota Prairie Roots, about a visit she made to the Blue Earth County Fairgrounds in Minnesota.  While we don’t have the beautiful oak trees pictured on those fairgrounds we do have lots of folks here in Fairview, Oklahoma, who appreciate the value of keeping historical memories and structures alive.  Thought you might like to see some scenes from the Fairview Historical Society’s Museum grounds and some of their events.  The old train engine on the grounds stood just across the street from my home for many years at the entrance to the local town park.  It was moved last year to the more suitable location at the museum grounds, and is now coupled up with several more old train cars.  There is an annual threshing bee on the fairgrounds, a gathering of old (and some REALLY old) tractors and farm equipment, and many other events that draw large crowds from the local area as well as people from many surrounding communities and states. Check out this photo albumn supplied by our county historical society.


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