Delaware Bay and Lower River

Delaware Bay and Lower River

My grandparent’s farm and my parent’s little riverside home, where I first became aware of the river, were located where the river makes it’s first right-hand turn going upstream from the bay. That is at Finn’s Point. Across the river and northward on the Delaware side, the river end of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal was easily visible in nice weather from the farm. The C&D Canal offers a safe inside passage between ports in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Wilmington, Delaware, Baltimore, Maryland, and Norfolk, Virginia. During the war years passage through the canal greatly lessened the danger from German submarines to shipping between those points. The C&D Canal also offered a safer alternative to ships going between New York and southern ports, as the ships didn’t have to go outside along a coast that was naturally dangerous in bad weather. Danger was not unknown on the inside passage, though, and many an unlucky and/or unwary seaman came grief on those waters. While living along those shores, we were often rudely made aware of those incidents.


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