Action on the Delaware River, WWII

Between the early days of 1942 and mid-1944, one LST(Tank Landing Ship), and seven Cannon Class destroyer escorts were built in shipyards along the Christina River in Wilmington, Delaware.  Those ships were:  Blackjack Maru, USS Cannon, USS Christopher, USS Thomas, USS Bostwick, USS Breeman, USS Carter, and the USS Clarence L. Evans.  Three construction cranes from those shipyards now stand together in a small park in Wilmington, dedicated to the  memory of the workers who took part in that small community’s extraordinary war effort.

German U-boats would closely watch the entrances to Chesapeake and Delaware Bays, as the ship traffic using them was constricted into narrow lanes.  The carnage along the East coast continued, and additional measures were put into place to protect the United States from the Nazi threat.  Even Coast Guard Auxiliary sailors stepped in to put their skills to use in protecting the homeland.


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