Mooooo-ving Laundry

  Along the driveway leading in to my grandfather’s farm were two large fenced-in fields. The dairy herd, made up primarily of sweet-faced Jersey cows with long-lashed big brown eyes. A few Holsteins were also in the herd. Across the driveway, in the opposite field were the Black Angus cattle, a bull and several cows. The Angus cows didn’t have the nice disposition of the Jerseys. On a particularly windy Spring day, all the cows got spooked by something, perhaps some nosy dogs or some debris being tossed about by the wind. Suddenly, bellowing loudly, doing high-kicks that would have done rodeo animals proud, the two herds crashed through their fences and began racing wildly up the drive and into the farmhouse yard.
Grammy had just hung her carefully washed weekly laundry out to dry. Sheets, towels, pants and other assorted pieces of clothing were soon being dragged and tossed about like rags by the maddened cows. Boy, was Grammy upset! All the laundry on the farm was washed in a wringer washer that stood on the back porch. All the wash water and rinse water had to be lugged from the well that stood out near the driveway. After the laundry was washed for a sufficient time, it was wrung out, rinsed out, wrung out again, and dropped into a big wicker basket. The heavy basket was then carried down to the yard, and then carefully pinned to the clotheslines to dry in the sun and wind.
Wild-eyed cows racing through the yard, tangling in the wash and dragging it in the dirt were definitely not in Grammy’s equation for a happy wash day!


3 thoughts on “Mooooo-ving Laundry

    • No thanks needed! It’s many times a blessing to love “critters,” and sometimes it’s a curse – as when one sees an animal which has been injured beyond help, or when such an animal is beyond the scope of my aid. Hope that doesn’t sound egotistical – my ability to help is limited, but the ability to love is limitless!

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