Years Later

Many years later (ie- today) the little girl of the story is now a gray-haired grandmother with children living 1,500 miles apart.  After almost 40 years afloat, canoeing, sailing and some high-powered boating, she and her husband are now land-locked in the arid landscape of northwestern Oklahoma.  Talk about suffering from withdrawl symptoms!  We miss the sights, sounds and smells of the watery environment so familiar in our former life together.  Together we sailed about 50,000 blue-water miles, doing yacht deliveries or just plain fun, family-time sailing.  The Captain has personally logged about 250,000 blue-water miles, skippering everything from a Maine schooner to a high-speed ferry boat in the Virgin Islands and heavy supply ships working in the oil-field-rich Gulf of Mexico.  Now, after selling our small sailboat,  our personal “navy” is composed of three canoes which must be car-top carried many miles to any water source.  A plethora of  tales are waiting to be unfolded from the pages of our log-books and diaries, of adventures met along the watery way.  We invite you to follow along as we reminisce and as we add new tales to our continuing quest to follow waterways down to the sea. 


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